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Art Touch Academy

Welcome to the masterclass academy for Arttouch. This page is for the future make-up artists with passion and accuracy. At the moment, we offer 3 A-Z courses that will give you the best outline of becoming an expert in the field.

We offer the following courses:

1. A-Z course: PMU (Recommended)

2. A-Z Course: Correction

3. A-Z Course: professional training

A-Z Course – PMU



Thank you for your interest in permanent make-up A-Z training. For your successful future as a PMU Stylist, we recommend a solid, knowledgeable training. A professional training needs its time. This time is important to prepare you for all future situations. We go through with you from the ground up, practice together and show you how to improve yourself elegantly. The security you acquire with this knowledge will save you in future to avoid any kind of troubles. (the courses that are available now everywhere from everyone is just wasting time, money and maybe a dream.

That’s why what you will see down is the plan or the program that you will attend to be able to involve in this art.

It’s quite hard in the beginning as same as any other learning, but of course by our cooperation we will get to the one and only result “SUCCESS “, and the most important thing in A-Z course that we will never stop our supporting in future for any situation you would like to share it with us.

               • Q: Are 8 days enough?

               • A: yes, it’s enough to learn the basic of PMU and the way of thinking, improving and judging the cases that you will face later. This is why we recommend our A-Z course as a basic training.


In the A-Z PMU training, you will learn the basic knowledge for a permanent makeup treatment (eyeliner, eyebrow, lip) from the customer consultation to the after-treatment.

You will learn all the important steps, such as the correct preliminary drawing, color, and selection as well as pigmentation technology, For the success of the apprenticeship, you will have some home-training, which gives you the time to repeat and deepen the learned. Also, it helps with discussing possible sources of error and optimizes your pigmentation style.


•   Permanent make-up basic knowledge

•   Standard sizes of the face, techniques, shaping

•   Consulting, consultation, care instructions after the treatment

•   Danger and risk areas

•   Treatment procedure

•   Hygiene regulations according to the Swedish law requirement

•   Coloring, color composition, correct color selection, mixing tips

•   Device knowledge of hygienic, technology

•   Selection

•   Customer- and consultancy talk, advertising opportunities

•   Pricing, marketing, advertising possibilities, the best suppliers, and resources

•   Natural style of permanent makeup

•  attending for at least two treatment for each service we provide such as (eyebrows+ eyeliner+lips).

• a model for each treatment of the three above + one body tattoo are provided by us or you. ( by agreement too).

•after you finish the steps above, you will be ready to get your customers and we offer you up to 10 customers by 50 % under my supervising in the studio. (OPTIONAL)

•   UNLIMITED support after the course.


8 or more days into two months or three ( we fix the schedule together )


34 000 kr exkl. moms (VAT)

A-Z course – Correction



This course is dedicated only to corrections of permanent makeup, which are not ” successful ” (distortions). By arrangement, you bring your own model or we provide one, we show you the different correction techniques and the colors to be used. You will also learn about what is possible to correct and what is not. Also, the limitations of what you actually can fix and what not.


 •   Color and shape correction, mixing techniques

 •   Correction color

 •   Color and hygienic module selection

 •   Pigmentation


1 day


9 000 kr exkl. moms

A-Z course – Professional training


For every permanent makeup stylist with at least 2 years’ experience, who would like to deepen his work style and his professional knowledge. After experience from different parts of the world, hundreds of tattoos and corrections, as well as interactions with people of different ages, colors, and faces, I will provide you an answer or a method for anything you want to do or have in your mind.


Only with a specific training, you can perfect your permanent makeup work. This professional training course is specially designed for experienced PMU stylists. Together, various treatment options are discussed and questions and possible problems are addressed.


1 or 2 days


•   8 000 kr exkl. moms for one day

•   12 000 kr exkl. moms for two days

    1. –   More details about the daily program of each training will be sent by email.


    1. –   Please leave your contact information and which course you are interested in, and we will contact you as soon.


  1. –   Additional information: By arrangement, we also come to your studio.